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Handling user password change and expiration issues with Office365 and ADFS – Part 1

Recently I’ve setup a Office365 Service with ADFS (Active Directory Federation Service) and a DirSync Server.

Sadly I forgot about a huge disadvantage in this architecture, due to using ADFS as an authentication provider, it’s not possible to change a users password. The communication form the local ActiveDirectory environment to the cloud based Office365 services is only one directional.

That’s why there are only 2 options yet to handle the user password change and expiration:

  1. Disable the users password expiration or
  2. Set up a enterprise connected platform to deal with the password change and expiration.

At this time option 1 is active in my environment and option 2 is my goal.

In this post series want to show you the solution I’ve developed.

Let’s start with password expiration. Because Office365 doesn’t handle password expiration, that’s why I have to use another channel to show the users on which date their passwords expire:  Let’s do it with an bulk e-mail job.

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Unser neues Video in kürze…

Die Schnellen haben es bemerkt, unser neues Video wurde veröffentlicht. Nur leider hat es nicht die gewünschte Qualität auf YouTube und wurde sogleich gelöscht. Wir werden einen neuen Versuch starten…

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