Active Directory User Reporting

This is a simple example of how to create a report of your Active Directory users.
The first command imports the PowerShell Active Directory module, which should be installed by default, otherwhise do this:

Install PowerShell Active Directory Module

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
Get-ADUser -Filter {EmailAddress -like "*"} -Properties * | select DisplayName, GivenName, Name, Surname, mail, SamAccountName, Department, Title, extensionAttribute1, extensionAttribute2 | Out-GridView

And the second command creates a simple report.

Happy Birthday to me

Specimen of the work done inside

I love this picture 😀 Anyway today is my birthday and that’s why you get a cool vector collection of my favorite quotes:


Download zipped Quotes.svg

Use software like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator and create some big posters for your bedroom or office wall.