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Australia - East coast

Within 3 weeks I’ve travelled the Australia East Coast. I’ve started in freezing cold Sydney and took a flight to Brisbane. From Brisbane I’ve travelled with the Greyhound buses up to Cairns and had a stop in Rainbow Beach (Fraser Island) and my favourite place Airlie Beach (Withsundays).

My personal highlight of this trip was the diving in the Great Barrier Reef. With Prodive, the biggest diving company in Australia, I’ve spent 2 days in the training center and 3 days on their boat with other divers. I accomplished the courses for the Open Water certificate which allows my to dive down to 18 meters and I also received the Adventure Diver certificate which allows my to dive down to 30 meters. This experience wasn’t cheap, but worth every penny. The scenery was absolutely astonishing, the colourful corals let you feel like you ended up on a another planet. Thanks to the experienced instructors (most of them have done over 2000 dives) I was able to see some rare creatures like a Lionfish, Elizabeth’s Chromodoris and a Manta Ray. Definitely a memory I’ll never forget.

This time I’ve added 2 more pictures to the usual 10, enjoy it:

Of course I got a picture from the Sydney Opera House. The hole building is like a big bathroom, the walls and roffs a covered with bathroom tiles.

A monument in Sydney Hyde Park. It's only beautiful there during the night time and evening.

I forgot about the name of thais plant. Our guide in the blue mountains described this pine as the most australish plant. It seeds only due to bushfires.

The three sister peaks are very popular for the a ablue mountain sightseen. What most tourists don't know is the funny fairy tale about these cliffs. Look it up on Google. It's worth it.

Koalas, they stink, don't do anything else than sleeping and eating. They're boring as fuck. But they're so cute <3 Look at him!

Le me doing a backflip on a dune in the most boring town on the east coat. People only go to Rainbow beach for a Fraser island trip.

You'll find this ship wreck on Fraser island. The interesting thing is the funny story about how this ship ended up here.

It's not cheap but an awesome adventure. The Fraser island are definitely worth seeing.

A beautiful morning in Cairns. This was the start of my 3 day Great Barrier Reef trip.

The withsundays, some say it's the most beautiful beach in Australia.

A gorgeous coral scenery at Flynn Reef - Tracey's Bommie.

Found him! Wasn't that difficult to find Nemo.

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