Hi, my name is Janik Vonrotz. I’m a Software Engineer / IT Consultant from Switzerland.

This is my blog where I share experiences of my personal and professional life. Sharing insightful stories and ideas without aiming for profit or reputation plays an integral part in the vast open source software world.

Currently I am working on various opportuinites and projects:

  • Aquiring projects for Abilium GmbH
  • Completing a software project as Apland GmbH
  • Looking for interesting business models
  • Help small business be founded and strive on their innovation

Here are a few things about me:

I like to …

and try whenver to …

  • keep my identity small
  • make strong social bonds
  • aim for actions and results

at work I value …

  • Collaboration and autonomy
  • Openess and honesty
  • Leaness and speed

let me know if …

  • you come to Switzerland
  • you are working on a cool project
  • you want to discuss anything related to my work