Curriculum Vitae


Hi, my name is Janik Vonrotz. I’m a Software Engineer / IT Consultant from Switzerland and have got a BSc in Business and Information Technology.

Complex problems can only be solved by interdisciplinary teams. We need leaders who are able to connect people rather than dictate them.


Born on July 12, 1991 in Lucerne; apprenticeship Computer Specialist EFZ System Engineering accompanied with a technical Vocational Engineering School Diploma; full-time bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Technology at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts; exchange semester at Berlin University of Business Administration and Engineering; international campus experience, Santa Clara University, USA.

After completing his apprenticeship, Janik worked as a SharePoint Administrator and System Engineer with focus on system automation at Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern AG. During his studies he focused on requirements engineering, software development and business process management. In the last semester he supported Apoveda GmbH with the implementation of their online presence. Prior to joining AdNovum, Janik designed and implemented a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager solution for the cantonal hospital in Obwalden. Afterwards he was employed as an Associate IAM Engineer by AdNovum. In this position, he designed and implemented Identity and Access Management solutions for AdNovum customers. In 20192020 a lot has changed. Janik supported Abilium GmbH in the acquisition of new projects and explores with Apland GmbH the world of self-employment. With two collegues from canton Uri he founded the Mint System GmbH, which specializes in distributing the ERP-System Odoo.

Work Experience

04|2020 - now
Web Developer (part-time)
Dachverband Schweizer Jugendparlamente DSJ

  • Develope and maintain the web application
  • Contribute to democratic participation projects

03|2020 - now
Chief Technical Officer (self-employed)
Mint System GmbH

  • Introduce and implement Odoo based software solutions
  • Business and product development
  • Manage infrastructure for on-premise hosting

06|2019 - now
Software and Business Developer (self-employed)
Apland GmbH

  • Development of web applications

09|2019 - 12|2019
Software and Business Developer (part-time, temporary)
Abilium GmbH

  • Created offers and concepts for tenders
  • Provided a monitoring system

01|2018 – 04|2019
Associate IAM Engineer (full-time)
AdNovum Informatik AG

  • Design, conception and realisation of identity and access management solutions.
  • Configuration and development of the continuous delivery/integration infrastructure.
  • Review and setup of the project-internal public key infrastructure (PKI).

08|2017 – 12|2017
System Engineer (full-time, civil service)
Kantonsspital Obwalden

  • Conceptualized and configured a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager solution.
  • Implemented an internal and external public key infrastructure.
  • Automated business critical tasks with PowerShell.

03|2017 – 07|2017
Web Developer (part-time)
Apoveda GmbH

  • Developed requested website features.
  • Improved the web development stack and workflow.
  • Implemented websites from Sketch designs.

12|2012 – 06|2014
Computer Scientist (full-time)
Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern AG

  • Worked as a System Administrator with Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, SQL Server and Active Directory.
  • Advised departments on SharePoint workflow integrations.
  • Contributed to an Office 365 project: Informationsdrehscheibe aus der Cloud.

08|2008 – 06|2012
Apprenticeship Computer Specialist EFZ System Engineering (full-time)
InformatikLeistungsZentrum Obwalden / Nidwalden

  • Developed and deployed websites and solutions with the Typo3 CMS.
  • Provided second level support for customers.
  • Helped maintaining the company’s IT infrastructure and services.


09|2014 – 07|2017
Bachelor of Science in Business and Information Technology
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
03|2016 – 08|2016, Exchange semester in Berlin, Berlin University of Business Administration and Engineering
09|2016 – 10|2016, International campus experience, Santa Clara University

  • Focused on requirements engineering, software development and business process management
  • For my bachelor’s project, I have implemented a web application to manage configurations of bus fleet communication systems and enhance user collaboration for a public transport company.
  • Open source projects:

08|2008 – 06|2012
Vocational Engineering School Diploma
Vocational Training Centre for Business, Information Technology and Engineering in Sursee

08|2008 – 06|2012
Computer Specialist EFZ System Engineering
Vocational Training Centre for Business, Information Technology and Engineering in Sursee

Professional skills

  • Requirements engineering – Analyze and process customers’ requirements.
  • Project management – Agile and classic.
  • Knowledge management – Document and populate technical knowledge.
  • DevOps - Contribute to software development and operation processes.
  • System integration – Manage Linux based systems and integrate software into complex environments.
  • Team collaboration – Introduce or enhance team collaboration with a variety of tools.
  • Infrastructure management – Build, monitor and maintain IT infrastructure.

Soft skills

  • Efficient cooperation and communication within a team plays a major role for me.
  • Mentoring – Teaching skills to employers, employees, co-workers and customers.
  • Flexibility – Come up with creative solutions when facing setbacks or unexpected changes.
  • Presentation – Articulate and visualize ideas clearly in front of a group or meeting.
  • Determination – Stay focused and work towards a goal while keeping time and budget in mind.
  • Motivation – Encourage co-workers and myself to accomplish great challenges.
  • Identification – Highly identify myself with my work, the company and its image.

Language skills

German (mother tongue)
English (fluently reading, writing and speaking) – First Certificate in English (FCE)
French (mainly reading, hardly writing and speaking) – Diplome d'etudes en langue francaise DELF B1

Technical skills

Collaboration: Confluence and SharePoint
Task Tracking: Jira
Configuration Management: Puppet, Ansible and System Center Configuration Manager
Build Automation: Gradle, Yarn and Npm
Continuous Integration: GoCD and Artifactory
Programming Languages: Java Script (ES6) and Java
Data Layer: GraphQL, REST and SOAP
Frontend Frameworks: React and Apollo Client
Database: MongoDB, MySQL and Oracle
Backend Frameworks: Apollo Server, Express and Meteor
Scripting Languages: Bash and PowerShell
Environments: RedHat and Windows
Version Control System: Git
IDE: VIM, Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ
Containers and Packaging: Docker and RPM

Non-profit work

  • Supporting the Republik magazine since day one.
  • Ative member of and CH open.
  • Support various clubs hosting their websites and social media.
  • Helped planning and realize private and public sports club events.


References available upon request.