This is a collection of projects by year since I came in touch with IT. It is supposed to be a showcase of my abilities and experience.

tudluk – Tudluk creates a static html page that showcases your favorite books. You can then use headless chrome to take a screenshot of the page and create a beautiful poster.

Identitätsverbund Schweiz (IDV Schweiz) – Deployed and configured the IDV identity broker infrastructure. Debugged and patched SAML related issues. Implemented new features and project improvements. Assisted participating identity and service provider during broker integration.


Turnerabend – A minimal one pager for a sports event built with gulp.

Learning Culture – Built a basic SCSS framework for the site and implemented a Sketch redesign.

Zenkom – Source of my bachelor’s degree project. Implemented a Meteor app to manage configurations of bus fleet communication systems and enhance user collaboration for a public transport company.

Faustball Alpnach – Sponsored website for a local sports team.


Meteor Apollo Accounts – Made a contribution based on the experience with the example app.

ok Chatbot – Chatbot for a Swiss retailer that delivers food deals to customers. Used natural language processing for this project and was in charge of building the chatbot architecture.

Meteor Apollo Accounts Example – Example app implementing Meteor Apollo Accounts.

Apometact – Chatbot management web app built with Apollo, Meteor and React. Open sourced as an example app for the Meteor community.

OLMOTO – Meteor app to create events and share photos with your friends. Taught a friend how to develop an app with Meteor using the Mantra architecture.

jobshop – Meteor app to solve the jobshop problem.

EverestCamp – Knowledge base application built with Meteor and React.


Issue Manager – Built a complex Java 3-tier application leading a project team of seven students.

Example 3-tier application – An introduction tutorial to build a Java 3-tier application.


ebas – A lightweight user friendly mysql content manager. It was my first PHP application.

ILIAS Synchronising Tool – A PowerShell tool to keep remote WebDAV and local folders in sync.

Your own Virtual Private Server hosting solution – Modular guide to build an advanced application server.


Install SharePoint 2013 Three-tier Farm – A comprehensive guide to install SharePoint in a 3-tier enterprise environment.

ActiveDirectory Password Change – Simple php application to change an Active Directory user password.

JuBla Kerns – Website – Local community website.

WP Bright Theme – My first and last WordPress theme.

PowerShell PowerUp – Super awesome PowerShell framework.

Typo3 Project Template – The perfect template for every Typo3 project.

Aptrix Website – Website for my parkour team.


Website Janik von Rotz – My first website using a windows tiles design.

Website Familie OW – Typo3 website for the local family care department.


Website Seminars ILZ – Typo3 based course registration application.

Website Steuern NW – Typo3 based website for the local tax administration.


2015 – Sebastian von Rotz – Relaunch – Made a new website with Koken to showcase pictures.

2015 – Cedric Kiser – Website – A new WordPress site for a friend of mine.

2015 – RowBook – My first Laravel application.

2014 – Sebastian von Rotz – Website – WordPress website for my brother.

2013 – The taste of Kiwi – WordPress Website for a friend of mine.

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