Janik Vonrotz

Some thoughts on stress

How are you? Are you stressed?
Stupid question! Of course I am. I am f!*$&ng stressed all the time!

Not a nice way to start a blog post. But for me it also not a nice topic. This post is a ongoing series about the challenges of being self-employed.


Manage Vercel DNS records with Ansible

At Mint System we are using Ansible extensively to configure our infrastructure and services. From setting up new hosts up to deploying a customer specific customization for an application, all is managed by Ansible. Only one piece was missing. Until recently we could not update DNS records automatically.


Missing out to be bored

It occurred to me that I cannot recall the last time I have been bored. As I child I remember being bored on many (rainy) days. After playing Lego for hours I became too tired to find the right pieces, so I ended up being bored.


Twitter Stories: Environmental cost of Bitcoin

On Twitter people share stories that go beyond 280 characters. By replying the to their own tweet, they create ongoing threads. Instead of sharing another link, I concatenate these threads and present them here.

Todays thread is about the environmental cost of Bitcoin by Stephen Diehl.

Let’s discuss the environmental cost of bitcoin. Because despite all the push for sustainable and green investment in the tech sector, there’s a giant smoldering Chernobyl sitting at the heart of Silicon Valley which a lot of investors would prefer you remain quiet about. (1)


Git pull overwrite local changes

A new year a new post. Instead of a new years resolution I’ve got a git wisdom for you. If you ever have to reset your repository/life use this command:


2020 book list

In 2020 I read 20 books. Out of these books I can remember only a few. I will present you these and their lasting effect.


Develop business applications with Odoo

In Odoo, various applications are packaged, which work together, but also standalone. For example, the Contact app stores all address data of the company. The Human Resources application for managing employees or the CRM access this address data.


Render PDF from Markdown that is using mermaid

Mermaid and Markdown is widely supported match. With mermaid you can describe diagrams and get them rendered next to your Markdown text. It is kind of a markdown flavor, but not supported by all Markdown processors. Use this guide to get result as described in the title.


Tmux Cheat Sheet

Tmux is a terminal multiplexer for Unix-like operating systems. It allows multiple terminal sessions to be accessed simultaneously in a single window. It is useful for running more than one command-line program at the same time. It can also be used to detach processes from their controlling terminals, allowing SSH sessions to remain active without being visible.


Challenge ERP system

Four factors are responsible why the implementation of an ERP system project fails.