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Odoo Development: Show last updated date above list view

Odoo runs various reports in the background. Some of these report take a while to finish and therefore seeing the last updated date is important. In a few steps I will show how you can add the last updated date to a list view.


Information technology is still in its infancy

I firmly believe that information technology despite being perceived as the most advanced technology, its sill in its infancy. It is an unpopular opinion and therefore requires good arguments.


Maintain attention

A subtle but profound change has happened during the last years. Our most valuable commodity has been captivated and exploited. Can you guess what it is? I’m talking about attention. Yes, the very ability to focus on something has been taken from many of us. In this post I try to elaborate my thoughts and hopefully establish a dialog on this issue.


Download podcast episodes from Stitcher for offline usage

I love the podcast Philosophize This!. It is freely available, but there is no meaningful way to download all episodes without using a third party app. As a data hoarder I want to have every episode on my hard disk. Therefore I created a simple script to download the episodes from Stitcher.


Manage Python versions with pyenv

With pyenv you can easily switch between python versions. When working on multiple project is recommended to create a .python-version file containing the targeted node version. Here is how.


Create and use nvm rc file

With nvm you can easily switch between node versions. When working on multiple project is recommended to create a .nvmrc file containing the targeted node version. Here is how.


Axiome der Vernunft

Ein Axiom bezeichnet einen Grundsatz, der keines Beweises bedarf.

Die Vernunft ist geistige Fähigkeit des Menschen, Einsichten zu gewinnen, sich ein Urteil zu bilden, die Zusammenhänge und die Ordnung des Wahrgenommenen zu erkennen und sich in seinem Handeln danach zu richten.

Ich habe hier meine persönlichen Axiome der Vernunft festgehalten:


Erfolg kennt kein Individualismus

Ein paar Gedanken zu Erfolg, Individualismus und Kollektivismus.


Open Source Software = More Security

This post has been translated from Mint System - Open Source Software = Sicherheit.

Why is open source software more secure than closed source software?

Again and again we are confronted with the argument that open source software (OSS) cannot be secure because it is free. The “there is no free lunch” idiom is also often used. We will explain here why this argument is wrong.


Die nicht ganz normale Bank - Kommentar

Dieser BlogPost basiert auf meinem Kommentar zum Artikel: Republik - Die nicht ganz normale Bank. Der Header des Artikels ist:

Eine Sicherheitslücke bei der Postfinance ermöglichte Einblick in die Daten von Kunden. Möglicherweise wurde dabei auch das Bankgeheimnis verletzt.

Hier folgt mein Kommentar: