How China is changing our internet

Yesterday I visited the world press photo award exhibition in Z├╝rich. The exhibition displays the best press photos of recent years. It’s mostly about conflicts and rights activism happening all over the world. This time not only pictures where shown, but also videos. One of those videos gave me a lot of thought. It was about how China is changing the internet or already has changed it for its people. A short and concise reportage tells how the internet has developed behind the great firewall. You should definitely watch it, it’s impressive and frightening:
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Get rid of Disqus

Recently I read an article on HN (Hacker News) Replacing Disqus with Github Comments and decided to drop the Disqus commenting system on this site. A long time ago I’ve added Disqus to my page because of it was easy to use and had out-of-the-box spam prevention. The cost of it as I see now was a heavy breach in privacy and site performance. When I read the article mentioned above I was shocked what I was forcing on people visiting my site. Just to give you an idea what’s going on:

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Debounce a redux dispatch method in a react component

Tightly connected reactivity in a react application has the side effect that it is sometimes necessary to delay the execution of a method. Assume you have a search input field that filters elements while typing, every field input creates a search request. In order to get rid of unnecessary search requests you have to wait until a user has finished typing and then start the search. To make this work without a search button, you have to intercept repeating executions (debounce) of the search method within a specified time frame and delay the execution of the last call.
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Meteor project structure

Get the latest version of this specification here:

The Meteor project structure (MPS) is a proposal for a simple file and folder naming specification.

There are several basic distinctions when building a Meteor project structure. First there is a client, server and an imports folder. All folders have specific naming rules and differ in their structure.

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Make your Redux React app multilingual

For my current React app in development I’m using Redux to manage the client state. As this is the first time using Redux I’m not quite sure what to put in the store yet. But I’ve decided to give the multilingual labels and wordings a try. Below you’ll find a simple approach on how I made my app multilingual using the Redux client state to store the translated content. I assume you are familiar with Redux and React.
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Cold Days

Education will never be cheaper while you study (at least in switzerland). This is why I took a photography course at my university (and also to earn cheap credits). The course was mostly about art and history, but nonetheless very interesting. Below, you’ll find my favorite photos.

I liked how the rain covered the handle.

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