Janik Vonrotz

The value of code

Being a disciple to the Open Source movement I often have to explain why it is better to make code public than private. Apart from the usual arguments such as “access to better security”, “trust through transparency” or “the design is the intellectual property”, I came up with the argument of true value. Let me explain.


A better web

Use alternative services to make the web more healthy and to stay independent. This guide is separated into a Consumer and a Producer section.


Wir müssen wieder lernen zu verzichten

Wir befinden uns gerade in einem umstrittenen Abstimmungskampf in der Schweiz. Wir entscheiden darüber, ob man weiterhin synthetische Pestizide in den Boden und damit ins Trinkwasser geben darf. Wie es zu dieser Abstimmung kommt und wie es unabhängig vom Entscheid aussehen könnte, möchte ich erläutern.


Nextcloud Social Login with Gitlab

This example shows one way to configure GitLab as an OpenID Connect (OIDC) identity provider, so that only members a specific GitLab group are allowed to login.


Paradigm shift in the handling of data

The handling of private data is the subject of controversial public debate. Everyone expresses concerns about the handling of private data, but most people pass it on to third parties via social media without hesitation. A controversy that is often left hanging in the air.


Add Prometheus instance variable to Grafana query

Prometheus stores the instance or host name for every metric. If you want to filter your dashboard data based on the instance name you need a Grafana variable.


IT monoculture in administration

The pressure on working methodology in public administrations and institutions is increasing. Innovation and creativity are required. A prime example was the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). Last summer, there was a call for the systematic collection of statistics on corona case numbers. At the time, the main means of communication at the FOPH was fax.


Move Docker data directory to new location

The standard data directory used for docker is /var/lib/docker, and since this directory will store all your images, volumes, etc. it can become quite large.


Parse URL in shell script

Use the bash script below to extract any segment of an URL. For example you can use it like this parse-url https://www.example.com subdomain,proto and get the subdomain and protocol of the url as reponse.


Postgres connection URI password fails

With the psql command line tool you can either pass the connection credentials as parameters or simply as one connection string.

The general form for a connection URI is:


While developing an Odoo module I could no longer execute queries using connections URIs. I always got the error psql: error: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "odoo".