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2023 Book List

In 2023 I read 17 books. Most of them were great, it was difficult to choose my favorites. As most of them were science fiction books, I chose a non-fiction and a fiction book. My favorite fiction book was The Futurological Congress by Stanislaw Lem and the non-fiction book is Corruptible by Brian Klaas.

And here is the full 2022 book list:

Title: Valuable Humans in Transit and Other Stories
Author: qntm
Comment: Fascinating sci-fi short stories.
Rating: 810
Finished: 2023-01-04

Title: Allmen und der Koi
Author: Suter, Martin
Comment: A classic swiss crime novel.
Rating: 710
ISBN: 9783257609912
Finished: 2023-01-24

Title: Eyes of the Void
Series: The Final Architecture #2
Author: Tchaikovsky, Adrian
Comment: Really like this science fiction series. It does everything very well.
Rating: 810
ISBN: 9781529051964
Finished: 2023-03-01

Title: Non-stop
Author: Aldiss, Brian Wilson
Comment: Started to read the SF Masterworks collection and was not disappointed. A very intruiging read. You will not know the twist until the very end.
Rating: 810
ISBN: 9781857989984
Finished: 2023-03-07

Title: Tau Zero
Author: Anderson, Poul
Comment: Interesting take on the time dilation and relativity.
Rating: 710
ISBN: 9781504053709
Finished: 2023-03-21

Title: Inverted World
Author: Priest, Christopher
Comment: The prestige is one of my favorite movies, so I wanted read a book from the author. Priest created another mysterious world over the edge of the possible.
Rating: 810
ISBN: 9781590177051
Finished: 2023-04-10

Title: The Futurological Congress
Author: Lem, Stanislaw
Comment: The book is known for the fact that it cannot be made into a movie. I wanted to know why and was suprised. It is trippy read that forcefully extends your imagination.
Rating: 1010
ISBN: 9783518471456
Finished: 2023-04-26

Title: Solaris
Author: Lem, Stanisław
Comment: As I was hooked on Stanislaws writing I went on to another classic. Even if you’ve seen the movie adaption, you have to read this book.
Rating: 910
ISBN: 9780156837507
Finished: 2023-05-19

Title: Die Krise der Narration
Author: Han, Byung-Chul
Comment: Byung-Chul Han is my favorite philosopher. The intervines with his existing ideas, but gets confusing when it comes to the actual topic.
Rating: 610
ISBN: 9783751805643
Finished: 2023-05-20

Title: Demokratie braucht Religion
Author: Rosa, Hartmut
Comment: I learned about Rosa Hartmut from philosoph talk show. He elaborated his ideas about experiencing resonance. A very interesting take on how to live fulfilling and happy life. However, this short novel seems to be out-of-bounds from his usual talks and writings.
Rating: 610
ISBN: 9783466373031
Finished: 2023-05-21

Title: Rendezvous with Rama
Author: Clarke, Arthur C.
Comment: This story leaves you thinking about what could be.
Rating: 910
ISBN: 9780575077331
Finished: 2023-07-09

Title: Going Zero
Author: McCarten, Anthony
Comment: A story about surveillance capitalism in the hand of a megalomaniac and genius girl going against it. The characters are a bit dull at the beginning, but get better to the end.
Rating: 610
ISBN: 9783257613100
Finished: 2023-07-19

Title: Corruptible
Author: Klaas, Brian
Comment: I learned about Brian Klaas and his book from Youtube. Whoever is interested on how to answer populism and problems in hierarchical structures must read this book. The problems and reasoning is well written, however, the chapter on how to answers the corruption is quite short.
Rating: 810
ISBN: 9781982154103
Finished: 2023-08-10

Title: Wool
Series: Silo #1
Author: Howey, Hugh
Comment: It is a dystopian, well thought and mysterious story. I could not put this book down. Every page felt like a cliffhanger.
Rating: 810
ISBN: 9780358447849
Finished: 2023-08-27

Title: First Shift: Legacy
Series: Silo #2
Author: Howey, Hugh
Comment: The series continuous as good as the first book.
Rating: 810
ISBN: 9781448151639
Finished: 2023-09-16

Title: Dust
Series: Silo #3
Author: Howey, Hugh
Comment: The final book of the series is a nice conclusion.
Rating: 810
ISBN: 9781490904382
Finished: 2023-10-05

Title: The Invisible Man
Author: Wells, HG
Comment: A classic novel. Well written for its age.
Rating: 710
ISBN: 9780451528520
Finished: 2023-11-01

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