Manage the life cycle of your SCCM applicatons with PowerShell – Part 2 Create Applications

“Manage the life cycle of your SCCM applications with PowerShell” is a short post series where I share my PowerShell experience with System Center Configuration Manager. In my last post I’ve showed you a script that creates the package source folder structure and another that adds the service users for SCCM. As mentioned these scripts have only been published for a better understanding of the follow-up scripts.
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Manage the life cycle of your SCCM applicatons with PowerShell – Part 1 Service Accounts and Package Source

I’m currently planning and building a System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) infrastructure for a local hospital. SCCM is a complex system composed of various components to make the client and software life cycle management feasible. While configuring SCCM is a tedious job which is done once, managing applications is a recurring process. That’s why the application life cycle is the perfect candidate for scripted automation. With the most recent SCCM release Microsoft made it a lot easier to use the power of PowerShell. I’ve developed a few scripts which help creating, deploying and deleting SCCM applications. Configuring applications manually can be very bothersome and is always at risk for misconfiguration. The benefit for automation is huge.
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XKCD PowerShell password generator

Through 20 ears of effort, we’ve successfully trained everyone to use passwords that are hard for humans to remember, but easy for computers to guess.

If you are a Hacker News binge reader such as me, you might have read this article: The Guy Who Invented Those Annoying Password Rules Now Regrets Wasting Your Time.

This article reminded my of how stupid current password guidelines are and that we need to change that. A few months ago I wrote a random password generator function and decided that it needs an update to make the generated passwords more memorable.
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Migrate KeePass to Pass

I’m using KeePass for a few years now. It always has been the password manager of my choice.
Currently I’m using KeePass on my Mac and Windows connected to the same database file. The KeePass database file is stored in a OneDrive folder, encrypted with a password and keyfile, which is stored in the Keybase filesystem. This setup gives me maximum security and portability. However, it makes it impossible to use KeePass on my mobile device. Also I miss the possibility to use KeePass in my browser or on the command line. I’ve looked for an alternative solution, which doesn’t compromise on security and gives me the same level of portability.

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Study finished!

Yesterday I received my diploma for my Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology. We celebrated the three years of hard work with a very pleasent ceremony. At the ceremony I was honored to have the finishing speech. It went very well and I received great feedback. Thanks to everybody who encouraged and supported me on this journey.
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How China is changing our internet

Yesterday I visited the world press photo award exhibition in Z├╝rich. The exhibition displays the best press photos of recent years. It’s mostly about conflicts and rights activism happening all over the world. This time not only pictures where shown, but also videos. One of those videos gave me a lot of thought. It was about how China is changing the internet or already has changed it for its people. A short and concise reportage tells how the internet has developed behind the great firewall. You should definitely watch it, it’s impressive and frightening:
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