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Information technology is still in its infancy

I firmly believe that information technology despite being perceived as the most advanced technology, its sill in its infancy. It is an unpopular opinion and therefore requires good arguments.


Information technology as of 2022 is mostly unregulated. Compared to other industries such as medicine or aviation with clinical studies and traceability requirements, you can build and ship a digital product by tomorrow. Being compliance with age restrictions, local policies or data protection laws is a nice-to-have. Information technology needs to be regulated so that it comes of age.


Most of the data, algorithms and infrastructure belong to a handful companies. These companies have a monopoly on search results, instant messaging and social data. Critical data and infrastructure should no be owned by these companies. They should be owned by the people and managed by the state.

Public Money Public Code

Public services are often built by private companies. The development is funded with public money (from taxes). Why is that the code of these services is open to the public? Public services must not be treated as intellectual property.

Lack of Competence

IT people are high in demand. They end up in well paid position with a lot of perks, which makes their knowledge unavailable for companies with less resources. Many IT people have their knowledge bound to proprietary products and do not understand the broad idea of computer systems. These factors put heavy restrictions on knowledge sharing.

Law enforcement

The digital age has pushed economic crime to another level. Combating economic crime in the internet requires cooperation of public institutions and international organisations. However, this type of cooperation is hardly to find. Local law enforces have almost no ability to track an internet criminal.

Information technology is not mature until these points are not resolved.

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