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Abrupt Decay

I am an (addicted) Magic: The Gathering player. I love the game, its complexity, the story and of course its art. The card in the header image is Abrupt Decay. Inspired by its caption and artwork I wrote a short poem about decay and regress:

Dreaming a life beyond others
Nothing to fear nothing to bother

Still human still craving
Always healing and raving

An invincible structure
Yet built to puncture

Once robust and strong
Now crumbling for long

A fleeting grasp for more
Silently pulled from the shore

Contained by ignorance
Attend the last dance

A thought to deny
to believe in a lie

A ferocious rile
with a desperate smile

Here for the eve
Nothing to leave

Waiting for others
Calling for mother

There is no restart
when falling apart

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Tags: magic , gathering , poem , Gedankenschlosser , cringe
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