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Future Words

I feel very uncertain about the near future. Climate change, migration, pandemics, rise of populism, oligopolistic capitalism i, post-fact, artificial intelligence, the list goes on. It is a lot to think about and to make sense of. However, I try to embrace what comes and avoid doom and gloom. Making up new words is one way into the future.


Bionet: An artificial intelligence that represents the public interest of nature and ecology.

Climax Refugee: Refugees that are forced to migrate due to the effects of climate change.

CCD - Carbon Capture Device: Manifold device that is used to extract carbon dioxide from air.

Habital Area Shift: The are that is moved from an inhabitable to newly habitable landmark.

Craper: A fuel powered car.

Corp Split: Making sure that international corporations have legal bodies in each country residing.

Legal Heaven: The European Union has become the only federation where legal entities are out of reach of authoritarian states.

Lex Homid: The right to have access to drinking water and breathable air.

Edvocate: Representative of ecological interests in public courts.


Oldnet: Public domain space of the first internet.

Proto Net: Space of the internet where the matrix protocol is used to communicate.


Inter States: States that are organized beyond borders.

Citized ID: a unique identifier for everybody living on earth.

Uni ID: a unique identifier for every object that exists within our galaxy.


Factnet: The part of the internet where actual facts are created and asserted by the scientific community.

Oracle: Public language model which has expert knowledge in a target domain.


Qntm Storage: Storage device that stores information on the subatomic level.

Honey Body: Fake digital profile to propagate positive data of a person.

Flatliner: Somebody who does not have a citizen ID nor is found on any net.


Debias: A brain surgery and cognitive therapy that allows one to avoid common perceptive biases.


Neurowear: Head clothing that stimulates brain activity.


Tomb of the Desert: A memorial for the people who died due to desertification.

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