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2022 Book List

In 2022 I read 18 books. Some of them were good and some bad. Out of these books only two stuck with me: There Is No Antimemetics Division by qntm and Undinge by Byung-Chul Han.

There Is No Antimemetics Division deals with the idea of antimemes, which is the opposite of a meme or to put it plainly is non-information. qntm is a prolific writer for the scp wiki. Scp is a database of fictional anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena. The idea of antimemes is very strange and difficult to grasp, however, qntm built a very engaing story with this subject.

Undinge is an exploration of paradigm shifts of things becoming “smart” things. Han is a contemporary philosopher and in this book he skilfully describes the problem of objects that suddenly produce data and dictate to us as humans.

And here is the full 2022 book list:

Title: Olympos
Series: Ilium #2
Author: Simmons, Dan
Comment: Still a fantastic story, but not so great end.
Rating: 810
ISBN: 9780061801884
Finished: 2022-01-09

Title: Project Hail Mary
Author: Weir, Andy
Comment: Fun the read, but the main character gets kind of annoying.
Rating: 610
ISBN: 9780593135211
Finished: 2022-02-07

Title: Der Verdacht
Author: Dürrenmatt, Friedrich
Comment: The prototype of a crime novel
Rating: 810
ISBN: 9783257601312
Finished: 2022-03-02

Title: Redshirts
Author: Scalzi, John
Comment: Pure entertainment.
Rating: 810
ISBN: 9783641095550
Finished: 2022-03-28

Title: The Collapsing Empire
Author: Scalzi, John
Comment: Cannot remember anything.
Rating: 710
ISBN: 9780765388896
Finished: 2022-05-07

Title: There Is No Antimemetics Division
Author: qntm
Comment: My read of the year.
Rating: 910
Finished: 2022-05-16

Title: Tabu
Author: Ferdinand von Schirach
Comment: Short stories by Ferdinand.
Rating: 810
ISBN: 9783641203313
Finished: 2022-05-28

Title: Fine Structure
Author: qntm
Comment: A bit confusing but great ideas.
Rating: 710
Finished: 2022-06-18

Title: Dark Matter
Author: Crouch, Blake
Comment: Not mindbending but entertaining thriller.
Rating: 810
ISBN: 9783641171421
Finished: 2022-07-04

Title: Recursion
Author: Crouch, Blake
Comment: Similar to Dark Matter
Rating: 810
ISBN: 9781524759797
Finished: 2022-07-31

Title: The Fifth Science
Author: Exurb1a
Comment: Short stories.
Rating: 710
ISBN: 9781796356304
Finished: 2022-08-15

Title: Upgrade
Author: Crouch, Blake
Comment: Similar to the other books.
Rating: 710
ISBN: 9781529045383
Finished: 2022-09-20

Title: Die Würde ist antastbar
Author: Ferdinand von Schirach
Comment: Short stories by Ferdinan
Rating: 710
ISBN: 9783641203320
Finished: 2022-09-25

Title: Müdigkeitsgesellschaft
Author: Byung-Chul Han
Comment: A short read that fits in the ideas of Han. Its about the fatigue of society.
Rating: 910
ISBN: 9783882216165
Finished: 2022-09-25

Title: Undinge
Author: Byung-Chul Han
Comment: My second best read of the year.
Rating: 910
ISBN: 9783843725392
Finished: 2022-10-08

Title: Ubik
Author: Philip K. Dick
Comment: A classic but I did not like it.
Rating: 610
ISBN: 9780547572291
Finished: 2022-10-25

Title: Psychopolitik
Author: Byung-Chul Han
Comment: Actually not sure if I finished this one.
Rating: 710
ISBN: 9783104030609
Finished: 2022-11-01

Title: Shards of Earth
Series: The Final Architecture #1
Author: Tchaikovsky, Adrian
Comment: My biggest book of the year. First it was a drag, but the got more interesting to the end.
Rating: 810
ISBN: 9781529051902
Finished: 2022-12-29

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