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Malaysia - Penang and Singapore

Pipapo, blah, blah, blah. I don’t have much battery left. Here are some pictures from Singapore and Penang (Malaysia):

Me doing backflip.

Old and young.

The Singapore metro trains are the most convinient way to get around the city.

This is a long exposure shot of Singapore city.

Penang by sunshine and Penang by rain.

Don't worry mom, I just hurt my knees. This happens all the time in Malaysia. What really made me worry was the fact that the bus driver didn't help anybody, after the crash he just sat outside and made some phone calls.

The durian is a very stinky fruit. Tastes like sweet onion, very creamy. Most asian people like it. However the smell is enormous and that's why it's not allowed to take this fruit to the metro.

Tousands of people living in one of these living blocks.

One of my favorite Penang street art paintings.

I've never seen a shopping center like this. The management of the mustafa shopping center doesn't care about supply and demand. Thousand of articles, everything you wish, you'll find it somewhere in this crowded and overwhelming center.

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