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Thailand - Chiang Mai and Bangkok

June 13, 2014

Almost 2 weeks passed since I’ve left home to go to Thailand. It’s unbelievable what happened in this short amount of time, here are my best memories so far.

  • Living in the village of northern hill tribes
  • Met funny, amazing and interesting people from all over world
  • Riding an elephant (whose not prisoned like the most you’ll see there)
  • Shared stories and learned a lot about thai people
  • Shooting with a 0.45 pistol and M16 rifle
  • Rent a scooter in Chiang Mai and fought with the busy traffic (almost crashed one time)
  • Cuddling with tigers (they were drugged and prisoned, but this is still better than selling them to china via the black market)
  • Eaten the best meals so far
  • And much more ;)

On this bamboo we've spent 4 hours.

This elephant lives in the northern jungle.

Just a gaze of the Bangkok city jungle.

Boat ride next to the floating market.

Chinatown in Bangkok a very busy place.

He's thinking about meat.

The doi suthep temple is on top of an hill next to Chiang Mai city. You'll get the most beautiful view from up there.

In this village of the northern hill tribes we spent our first night. A beautiful and peaceful place.

The temples are the best places to do parkour.

Tasted like crisps. Not bad at all.

If you d’like to get a full resolution version of these pictures you can contact at any time ;)

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