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Thailand - Ko Tao and Ko Phangan

Back in Bangkok I had to say goodbye to my travel friends from Chiang Mai, first I was a bit anxious about me not being able to meet new people. However I didn’t expect that’s actually so easy, there are so many travellers down south with almost the same plan as me. And when you’re travelling alone it’s even more easy to meet new people as you don’t stay in a isolated group.

From the north of Thailand I moved down south and took a ferry to the small island Ko Tao. Ko Tao is a small and picturesque place. I met many people who had planned to stay there for just a couple days, but ended up living there for the last six month. It seems to be one of those island you unlikely want to leave when you’re travelling without a plan :D

Apart from the moon parties (every six days for every phase of the moon) Ko Phangan is a quite relaxing island. Great to explore with a scooter or just to hang out at the beach.

To round up this story some more pictures:

A backfip again.

Ko Tao is the divers place in Thailand. These boats transport the divers to the bigger diving boats out in the deep water.

You'll find this jungle entry on top the highest hill in Ko Tao. Very beautiful.

The town center of Ko Tao. Sombody had a leak in the apartment.

This type of lizards can be as tall as a crocodile. They move freely in the cities.

scooter riding in Ko Phangan is much more relaxed than in Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

It's getting dark in Ko Phangan.

This flagship is placed in pool next to the harbor in Ko Phangan. It seems that nobody is aware of the purpose of this exhibition.

The typical thai door. A helmet for the scooter. Drinking waater from the store. Religious tag to please the spirits. Some herbs for nice meal. A chair to relax.

This sneaky guy spys on the people at the beach.

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