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Thailand - Krabi, Ao Nang and Railay beach

Yesterday I left Thailand and went to Penang in Malaysia. I wished I had more time to stay there, it’s such a beautiful country, the food is incredible and the people are so nice. But what I miss most are definitely the scooter rides. In Thailand you don’t need a license to drive a scooter, a helmet is recommended. During my last ride I tried to create a hyper lapse with my GoPro camera, I’m not really happy with the result, but it’s all I’ve got:

And of course some more pictures:

Another backflip with a beautiful background.

With these boats you get from Ao Nang beach to Railay beach.

This is the first thing you'll see after a exhausting climb up of over 1200 steps to the tiger temple. Free Wifi seems to be more important than water.

He thinks about bananas.

Just some trees at the Railay pier.

The slumber party guesthouse isn't that bad.

Thais don't like big packs of chocolate or other sweets. These pack holds about 10 M&Ms.

This spider was as big as my hand. Really freaked me out.

This guys hold a big buddha statue on top of the tiger cave temple hill.

In Railay beach is a beautiful viewpoint where you can see the hole island.

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