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Cycling tour part 2 - Albania

This is the second out of three posts about a cycling trip. Checkout the first part here.

We entered Albania in Kakavie and took pass road towards Sarande. Our first day was quite rough. After cycling for the whole day we decided to take a shortcut along a land road. However, it took us way longer to reach our destination. First of all our bicycles got stuck in the mud, then we had to deal with shepherd, wild and guard dogs. The camping we hoped for did not exist and finally it started to rain heavily. Luckily we found a nice hotel to dry and warm up.

Afterwards we took a cozy pace along the Albanian Riviera with some steep roads. From Vlora to Durres we had to take the highway due to main roads being in bad conditions. This was not much of a problem as drivers always looked after us. From Durres to Shkoder we took a train as we were a bit tired of the boring trip on the highway. After Shkoder we entered Montenegro.

Compared to Greece the landscape is more rural. Communism in the past took a hard toll on Albania. Economically, the country is no good shape. Public infrastructure lacks funding and people try to find work abroad. However, I personally enjoyed the Albanian people the most. Ridiculously friendly, helpful and always glad that you visit their country.

This is the path we took through Albania:

Cycling tour part 2 - Albania Map

And some more impressions:

Climbing the first pass in Albania

Through the fields of mud

Along the coast of the Albanian Riviera

Calming waves at the pebble beach

Almost there

First cycling lane in Albania Vlora

Taking a shortcut to Shkoder

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