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Cycling Tour Part 1 - Greece

This is the first of three posts about a bicycle tour I recently finished.

During three weeks me and a friend cycled from Athens to Dubrovnik through Albania and Montenegro. It was a joyful and sometimes exhausting experience. We started at the Airport in Athens and made our way along the south-west coast up to Ioaninna. With lots of head wind we had to endure a rough start and thus decided to take things afterwards a bit more relaxed. We enjoyed the various coffee shops, friendly Greece people and the always changing scenery. From Ioaninna we rented a car to visit the Meteora monasteries. A truly astonishing place, you should look it up. Afterwards we crossed to border to Albania and found ourselves in an entirely different place.

As much as we enjoyed the Greece people, we felt sorry for how they were taking care of the environment. There was a lot of garbage left and right of the road. Even worse there is a trend of constantly drinking cold coffee from plastic cups and disposing the garbage in public space. We hope this practice will change soon.

Nonetheless, we felt save in Greece, the roads are well done and drivers kept distance when passing. We can definitely recommend to go cycling in Greece.

Here is a map of our tour:

Cycling tour part 1 - Greece Map

And some impressions from the road:

On top of Athens

Ready for the ferry

Sunset by the bride close to Patras

First time on the gravel road

Our bicycles looking pretty

The most lovely dog we came across

Lost in the forest

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