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Obsidian and Vuepress: include markdown files

I am using Obisidan to manage markdown files and Vuepress to publish them. With the help of a script build.js the Obsidian vault is converted into a publishable format for Vuepress. Obsidian supports embeding markdown files using the ![](file.md) syntax. Here I’ll show you how this feature can be enabled for Vuepress.

First we need to support including markdown files for Vuepress. Install the markdown-it extension.

npm install --save markdown-it-include

And enable it (Vuepress v1).


module.exports = {
	// ...
    extendMarkdown: (md) => {

Before the Vuepress build is created the build.js file is executed.

// ...

function convert(content,file) {
    // ...
    // convert include markdown links
    // ![title](file.md) -> !!!include(file.md)!!!
    const mdInclude = /(!\[.*?\]\(.*?\.md\))/g
    matches = content.match(mdInclude) || []
    for (i = 0; i < matches.length; i++) {
        let match = matches[i]
        let include = match.match(/!\[.*\]\((.*\.md)\)/)[1]
        include = sanitizeName(include)
        content = content.replace(match, `!!!include(${include})!!!`)
	return content

// ...

This is just an excerpt. The script does a lot more. It renames files, moves assets, builds indexes and overall tweaks the markdown files to work with Vuepress.

Have look here for a full example.

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