Janik von Rotz

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Use Pop!_OS

I just upgraded my operating system Pop!_OS to the latest version and once again I was surprised by how far Linux has come.

The upgrade process went flawless. No obstacles as opting out of some obscure analytic services, or connecting my local account with an online account. It just works.

Pop!_OS is an operating system for people which rely on good computing performance. Before, I have developed software on Windows and Mac OS, but none of them felt as fast as Pop!_OS. I can recommend it to everyone!

Of course it works even better with the dedicated hardware by its maintainer system76. I am using the Lemur Pro 14” laptop. It powerful, weights nothing and its battery goes on for hours. My old MacBook Air is gathering dust.

Give Pop!_OS a try and if available by your next computer from system76.

Categories: System tooling
Tags: linux , operating system , open hardware
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