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Upgrade Keycloak Docker container

Upgrading Keycloak is not so difficult as supports automatically migrating the database to a new version.

Nonetheless, Keycloak is a critical piece of software in every infrastructure. Under no circumstances you want the upgrade to fail. I will show you some upgrade preparations for a docker-based setup that ensure you can restore the service in the worst case scenario.

Before upgrading the docker image, ensure you have:

Created a database backup

Use pg_dump to dump the Keycloak database.

Exported realms including groups, roles and clients

Open the realm in the Keycloak backend navigate to Mange > Export. Tick on all options and export the realm. Repeat this process for all realms.

Stopped and renamed the old container

Stop the existing container and rename it.


In the worst case scenario we can restore the database and restore to old container and state.


Executing the upgrade is simple. In my case I simply had to change the image tag to a newer version.

jboss/keycloak:9.0.2 -> jboss/keycloak:12.0.4

Avoid using the latest tag!


After upgrade the connected OAuth clients must be tested. While doing so errors might occur due to new restrictions from the Keycloak side.

Invalid scope parameter

After the upgrade I could not longer login with one of the OAuth providers. Whenever I tried to initiate the login flow it was immediately aborted. The Keycloak log threw this error: KC-SERVICES0093: Invalid parameter value for: scope.

When I checked the login url on the client, I saw that the OAuth provider set scope=False. Explicitly setting the scope param of the OAuth provider resolved the issue.

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