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Render PDF from Markdown that is using mermaid

Mermaid and Markdown is widely supported match. With mermaid you can describe diagrams and get them rendered next to your Markdown text. It is kind of a markdown flavor, but not supported by all Markdown processors. Use this guide to get result as described in the title.

You will need: - Pandoc

brew install pandoc

After everything installed (assume that pandoc and mermaid-filter are available in your echo $PATH)


This document itself is written in markdown. Access the source and save it as mermaid-pandoc-guide.md then use pandoc and the filter to create a PDF.

pandoc mermaid-pandoc-guide.md -o mermaid-pandoc-guide.pdf --toc -V papersize:a4 --highlight-style pygments -N -V geometry:"top=2cm, bottom=1.5cm, left=2cm, right=2cm" -V toc-title:"Inhaltsverzeichnis"

This mermaid graph must be rendered properly:

graph TD;

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