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Traverse the Elsass

Together with my brother and father we cycled through the Elsass/Alsace in nothern France. We started in Karlsruhe (Germany), headed over to Wissembourg and rode 450km back to Basel (Switzerland). The route we took was the paved version of the Traversée du Massif Vosgien (TMV). Even though we would have enjoyed the dirt road, our equipment was not ready. We sticked to the streets which took us from hill to village and over two passes.

The french people were pleasent to talk and always glad to help. We had 3 days of sunshine and almost 3 days of rain. But that did not stop us from cycling on. A flat tire, a failed fuel cooker and nearly broken camera were the only obstacles on this tour. Here are some impressions:

Jabba the roof

Lamp post on a hill

In the north this was the standard view

Baguette and cheese is all you need

Zigzag street in Sélestat

A wide street only for us

Dive up into the mist

Le Lac Blanc - the white lake

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