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Surveillance Berlin

Last week I visited my favorite city Berlin once more. As the season changes so does Berlin. Clear and crisp air, dim lights and early sunsets brought the city into a different perspective. This time I wanted to know more about the GDR (German Democratic Republic) it’s people and the surveillance machinery. For this I visited a Stasi prison and the HQ of the security bureau. It has been a tense and also fulfilling experience visiting this places. I don’t want to talk about the GDR, but recommend everybody to read more about it. It is a remarkable historic event that has not been finished yet. Here are some pictures of the trip:

Berlin can be dull in winter. Views like this make it different.

On the right is a Schwalbe motorcycle from the GDR (German Democratic Republic) and on the left an Uber scooter.

On the right is the planned economy of communism. Only a few people received this kind of motorcycle and only very few produced. On the left is the free market economy of capitalism. Cities have been overrun by these scooters. Regulations could not keep up to limit its usage and integrate them into the public service infrastructure.

Flowers overgrown a wall of the prison complex of state security.

The people who have been imprisoned at Berlin-Hohenschönhausen are now guiding tourists through the facility and share their experience.

A lamp design I admired.

Only the sky is the limit.

The iconic quote by Erich Mielke minister for state security.

I wish you a merry christmas!

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