Janik von Rotz

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An unfinished story

I found this funny text editor, started writing a story and this was the result:

But how does this really work?
Nobody seems to know.
Whoever I ask nods in desparity.
A simple question that does not have an answer.
Now how should I proceed?
Unbury the truth has become my only duty.

Taking long strides I moved up the stairs.
In front of me a big door.
Once you knock you can never return.
Behind is everything you wish for.
Your true desires and unimaginable richness.
I looked at the pistol in my right hand.

Knocked with my left and put the pistol to my head.
The door opened. I only had seconds to last.
A glistening light, nor bright nor dark.
A mesmerizing view. I started to lose my mind.
I pulled the trigger.
But it was too late.

What do you think?

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Tags: writing prompt , unfinished
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