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My favorite podcasts

I love podcast and now spend more time than ever listening. It is a growing business and therefore there are tons of good and bad podcasts. Let’s talk about the good ones. Here are my favourites:

Philosophize This!

No clue about philosophy, but looking for a beginner friendly educational podcast? Steven West explains everything you need to know in a genuine and comprehensible manner.

Link: Philosophize This!


A book, a blog and a podcast. Based on the most readable economics blog and bestseller books Steve Dubner and Steven Lewitt are running a radio show and talking about the hidden side of everything.

Link: Freakonomics

Stuff You Should Know

This is another popular podcast where mostly science related and interesting stuff is discussed.

Link: StuffYouShouldKnow


A very tense audio series following Rukmini Callimachi as she reports on the Islamic State and the fall of Mosul.

Link: New York Time - Caliphate


If you are German speaking and love crimes and thrillers you will love this podcast.

Link: Zeit - Verbrechen

Servus. Grüezi. Hallo.

Again a gem for the German speakers. A Swiss, Austrian and German journalist from Zeit discussing issues and topics which they share.

Link: Zeit - Servus. Grüezi. Hallo

Eine Stunde History

Short and understandable history lessons in German. They discuss historic events in a non-chronological order with various experts.

Link: Deutschlandfunk Nova - Eine Stunde History

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