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Create pkcs12 key- and truststore with keytool and openssl

In my last post I’ve showed you how to create a custom certificate authority and sign a server cert using openssl without user interaction.

For this post I assume that we want to set up a webservice that requires a pkcs12 keystore. Using openssl and the java keytool we are going to create a pkcs12 store and add our ca cert, server cert and server key. Further, we assume that the application also requires a truststore containing the ca cert only.

Make sure to walk through the last post before getting started.

Configure new environment variables.


Create the pkcs12 store containing the server cert and the ca trust.

openssl pkcs12 -in ${SERVER_CERT_CN}_cert.pem -inkey ${SERVER_CERT_CN}_key.pem -passin pass:$SERVER_CERT_PASSWORD -certfile ca_cert.pem \
  -export -out ${APPLICATION_NAME}_${SERVER_CERT_CN}-keystore.pkcs12 -passout pass:$KEYSTORE_PASSWORD -name $SERVER_CERT_CN

Show the content of keystore.

keytool -list -storetype PKCS12 -keystore $APPLICATION_NAME-keystore.pkcs12 \

Openssl cannot create a pkcs12 store from cert without key. This is why we create the truststore with the keytool.

Create a pkcs12 truststore containing the ca cert.

keytool -importcert -storetype PKCS12 -keystore $APPLICATION_NAME-truststore.pkcs12 \
  -storepass $TRUSTSTORE_PASSWORD -alias ca -file ca_cert.pem -noprompt

Show the content of the truststore.

keytool -list -storetype PKCS12 -keystore $APPLICATION_NAME-truststore.pkcs12 \

Edit 1: Removed keystore ca import step. The openssl certfile parameter accepts a bundled .pem containing trusted certs.
Edit 2: Removed the create empty truststore step. Keytool will create the truststore file if it does not exist.

Not sure if it is a bug that openssl cannot create pkcs12 stores from certs without keys. Nonetheless, the two step workflow is a convenient solution. Openssl creates the initial pkcs12 store and the keytool manipulates the store as required.

Note: It seems you cannot import a certificate and its key with keytool. So you need to create the store with openssl in order to import the key.

Source: Stackoverflow - How to import an existing x509 certificate and private key in Java keystore to use in SSL?

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