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Open multiple projects in Intellij

Most IDEs provide workspaces that contain multiple projects and thus enable you to work on mutliple projects in one instance of the IDE. IntelliJ, which has becom the defacto standard for Java Devs, does not support workspaces. So, how is it possible to open mutliple projects in one IntelliJ instance?

Well, it is quite simple. In context of IntelliJ you can replace the idea of wokspaces with projects and projects with modules. An IntelliJ project can contain multiple modules.

Let’s put this to practice. I assume you have checked out multiple project, lets say at /local/projects/.
Create a new project called root. at /local/projects/root in IntelliJ. Next add a new module from an existing source:

Now the module/project should be loaded in the top level of the root project folder. Depending on the project model IntelliJ should detect features and configure it accordingly.

Any questions?

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