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Hiking in the Bergell

A friend of mine, who went working abroad last year, spent a few weeks in Switzerland. As he missed the mountains a lot, we decided to go hiking and camping in the south of Switzerland.

Equipped with two tents, 3 cookers and some clothes we took a 6 hour train ride from Central Switzerland to Bivio.

Day 1 - Bivio

Bivio - Pass da Sett (2 hours)

The first day of our trip started as expected - with a lot of rain. After walking two hours and getting soaking wet, we found shelter in a cozy little cabine. Once the rain stopped we set up the tents and enjoyed some Älplermagronen.

View from Pass da Sett


Day 2 - Maloja

Pass da Sett - Lägh da Cavloc (4 hours)

On the next day we headed for Maloja. From Pass da Sett we hiked even higher. Our hike took us high up to the Pass Lunghin and then down far below to Maloja. For the night we settled next to the lake “Lägh da Cavloc”.

Pass Lunghin

Day 3 - Forno

Lägh da Cavloc - Capanna del Forno (3.5 hours)

Not far from Maloja we ended up at the foot of the Forno glacier. Massiv and breathtaking. As beautiful as it was, it also reminded us of the consequences of global warming.

Forno Glacier

Forno Valley

Day 4 - Roticcio

Capanna del Forno - Roticcio (5 hours)

After a relaxing sleep in the SAC hut “Cappana del Forno” we headed back to Maloja. From there we took a shortcut by bus to Löbbia. Löbbia is the last place where you can enter the panoramic way “Sentiero Panoramico Val Bregaglia”.

Camping beneath the mountains

Day 5 - Soglio

Roticcio - Soglio

On our last day we headed down to the scenic village Soglio. Stone roofs, windign alleys, a place where time stands still and people enjoy the laidback life. We enjoyed it very much.

Sentiero Panoramico Val Bregaglia

Roofs of Soglio

I hope my brief report inspires you to take some time off and to seek remote places. 😊

You can download the images in this post in full resolution from my flickr album.

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