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A Glimpse of China

I visited China from the beginning of last december until christmas. My backpack was filled with prejudice and the expectation of having a hard time travelling there. The reality looked quite different. China was a blast! Vibrant, lively, fascinating, contradictory and quite the opposite from the european life style. Swallowed in Beijing and spit out in Hong Kong I enjoyed China all over. Definitely not the last I have been there. Again my favorite pictures:

An unusual sight from the great wall of China. No pollution, no anything.

Saw this origami flower on a bus ride.

You'll find such installations on the Tiananmen square. China has installed over 20 million AI-equipped street cameras.

It is hard to find authentic historic buildings in China. Most of the historic buildings have been either destroyed or renovated to the point where they do not look like old buildings at all.

China has built a vast railway network. You can get anywhere within hours by bullet train.

A pleasant sight in the village Yangzhou next to Guilin. Around Guilin are the karst mountains which can be found in every China travel guide.

Landing approach in Shenzhen. This is where most electronics is shipped from.

This picture has been taken in the Hong Kong Soho district. The buildings are built so close each other that they become one entity.

When the urban life of Hong Kong becomes too tiring, you can take a ferry and go to Lamma island within 20 minutes.

Big cities show their true face during the night.

In China the social security are your children once you become old. If you do not have their support nobody will support you.

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