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Create a PowerShell module and publish it to the Gallery in under 1 minute

This tutorial is basically a script that creates a PowerShell module and publishes it to the PowerShell Gallery. Another scripts tells you how to install the published module and make us of it.

Make sure that you either have PowerShell 5.0 installed or the PowerShellGet module installed and imported.


# Go to the modules directory

Set-Location "C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\"

# Create the module folder

if (!(Test-Path "./PowerUp")) {
    New-Item -ItemType Directory -Path "./PowerUp"

# Create the module

function Get-RandomPassword {
    $numbers = 1..9
    $consonants = "b","c","d","f","g","h","k","l","m","n","p","r","s","t","v","w","x","z"
    $nopeletters = "j","q","y"
    $vocals = "a","e","i","o","u"
    $dotsandstuff = ",",".","-"
    $nopedotsandstuff = ";",":","_"

    return (Get-Random $consonants).ToString().ToUpper() + 
    (Get-Random $vocals) + 
    (Get-Random $consonants) + 
    (Get-Random $vocals) + 
    (Get-Random $consonants) + 
    (Get-Random $vocals) + 
    (Get-Random $numbers) +  
    (Get-Random $numbers) + 
    (Get-Random $numbers) + 
    (Get-Random $dotsandstuff)
'@ | Set-Content -Path "./PowerUp/PowerUp.psm1"

# Create the module manifest

New-ModuleManifest "./PowerUp/PowerUp.psd1" -RootModule "PowerUp" -FunctionsToExport Get-RandomPassword -ModuleVersion "1.0.0" -Author "Janik von Rotz" -Description "A collection of useful PowerShell functions."

# Test the module manifest

Test-ModuleManifest .\PowerUp\PowerUp.psd1

# Create an account at https://www.powershellgallery.com and copy the api key from your profile settings.

# Publish the module to the gallery

Publish-Module -Name PowerUp -NuGetApiKey API_KEY


# On another computer install the module from the gallery

Install-Module -Name PowerUp

# Import the module

Import-Module PowerUp

# Run the module function


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