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Get rid of Disqus

Recently I read an article on HN (Hacker News) Replacing Disqus with Github Comments and decided to drop the Disqus commenting system on this site. A long time ago I’ve added Disqus to my page because of it was easy to use and had out-of-the-box spam prevention. The cost of it as I see now was a heavy breach in privacy and site performance. When I read the article mentioned above I was shocked what I was forcing on people visiting my site. Just to give you an idea what’s going on:

TL;TR: Disqus is a malicious network which invades users privacy using the resources of visitors. Nothing is free.

If you’re using WordPress to host your site here are some alternatives to Disqus:

I’ve decided to use the default commenting system, luckily WordPress or the Disqus plugin stored the comments in the database and I only had to disable the Disqus plugin to switch to default comments.

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Tags: disqus , performance , privacy , tracking
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