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Debounce a redux dispatch method in a react component

Tightly connected reactivity in a react application has the side effect that it is sometimes necessary to delay the execution of a method. Assume you have a search input field that filters elements while typing, every field input creates a search request. In order to get rid of unnecessary search requests you have to wait until a user has finished typing and then start the search. To make this work without a search button, you have to intercept repeating executions (debounce) of the search method within a specified time frame and delay the execution of the last call.

Here’s a simple example of a react search component where the redux dispatch method will be debounced.

import React from 'react'
import { Card, CardText, TextField } from 'material-ui'
import { setUserFilter } from '../actions'
import { debounce } from 'lodash'

class UserSearch extends React.Component {

    this.updateFilter = debounce(this.updateFilter, 500)

    let { dispatch } = this.props
    let { filter } = this.refs

  render() {
    return <Card>

        onChange={this.updateFilter.bind(this)} />



The search is only dispatched if the last call of the update filter method is older than 500ms.

Source: Stack Overflow - Perform debounce in React.js

Categories: JavaScript development
Tags: react , redux , search
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