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California and Costa Rica

During the last seven weeks I’ve spent a lot of time in California. With my study class we worked on projects with local companies in the Silicon Valley. It was a great experience. For the weekends I had decided to visit Yosemite and the beautiful lake Tahoe again. Despite the Californian drought I had some good hikes there. Before leaving for home I took a flight to Costa Rica and spent a week there. Seeing the caribbean coast not on a post card was a very nice thing. Now here are some pictures you might like:

Public transport in America is hard to endure as a swiss.

San Francisco is the chaotic place where the biggest brains design our future.

On top of El Capitain in Yosemite sure is the best view.

It is common for the chinese people to spend their time outside. Wish europeans would do that more often.

The building changed, not the business.

Next to lake Tahoe we were suprised by a snow storm.

Do not forget to drink enough while hiking.

It was the second time in Yosemite and I still coudn't hike up the half dome. However, El Capitan also was beautiful.

Wouldn't want to get lost in a jungle in Costa Rica.

Mesmerizing colors.

The caribbean coast in Costa Rica really looks like in post cards.

Some ticos hanging out in San Jose.

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