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Unicorns of Berlin

Unicorns are unique and might not exist. This is a collection of unique pictures of Berlin. I took them since staying there for 3 months. Berlin is quite a special place and will probably attract me a few more times.

Fleemarkets everywhere! Shiny stuff, weird stuff, nice stuff, horrible stuff, obscure stuff, wtf is this for kind of stuff. Fleemarkets are perfect for curious people.

Spring in Berlin sure is beautiful. The weather gets nicer, the people get nicer and city gets nicer. After a harsh neverending winter spring in Berlin is an amazing cure.

This picture was taken in Mauerpark. On sunny sunday it seems all people of Berlin end up there. There's a huge fleemarket, music, karaoke, shows and a lot more. So the perfect way to spend a lazy sunday.

Living in Berlin is quite different compared living in other big cities. You can always escape the busy traffic and enjoy a nice day in a park.

Berlin is known for it's tolerance to minorities, refugees and everybody. This picture was taken on chemtrail demo. There were no aggressions only resprect for each others opinion.

Most of the historic were bombed in world war 2. Whenever you'll see some fine architecture in Berlin you have to appreciate it.

There are many ways of begging. This is one. I always try to figure out how integrate these people into society. But it's a difficult and complex issue.

He told her about ducks.

Seeds cover the ground like thick snow in winter.

This tree decided to grow on a roof.

The Bundestag dome. Should be on the list of every Berlin visitor.

A beautiful picture surrounded by burned wood. How long will it last? What's the painters intention, when sooner or later his art is destroyed? Graffiti never lasts long and that's what it makes special to me.

The rails of a rollercoaster. Part of the abandoned Spree entertainment park. Around next year the whole place will be rebuilt, so make sure to visit before.

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