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Hilly Lisbon

This winter I had the chance to visit the warm city of Lisbon. Settled in the south of Portugal it attracts thousands of tourists every year with its historic buildings and narrow streets.

Before entering on of the lookout points this lonely dog greeted us.

Vier of the city by sunset from one of the lookout pionts.

Historic buildings are covered with this kind of patterns.

No city without pigeons.

Another kind of urban gardening.

As seen on every Lisbon postcard ever.

Lisbon is well known for its narrow streets and steep stairs.

No doubt the heart of the city is an artwork.

The cable cars which take you up the hills are expensive compared to the metro.

The first and last wall I've encoutered in Lisbon without tags or graffiti.

Some chickens and rousters lived in a park somwhere in the city.

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Tags: beautiful , historic , lisbon , portugal
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