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Abandoned Berlin

Berlin is very famous for it’s deserted and abandoned places. Last week I spent 3 days there doing parkour and take photos. Here are some impressions of my short Berlin trip:

Nature is tacking back .

Enjoy your ride on the abandoned roller coaster!

Mind the gap!

Where does this door might lead to?

Yellow boats in the jungle.

After years this ferris wheel still turns around powered by wind.

Have you found the security guy on the picture yet?

He caught me while climbing the ferris wheel. Despite the look he was a funny guy.

Another old building from the DDR.

Love this picture, don't know why.

Hidden in the forest is this deserted hospital.

A very worn out hospital in the south of Berlin.

A nice balcony with a great view.

My favorite shop so far.

I was too scared to ride the ferris wheel, will change that the next time :D

Here’s a video that shows how the Spreepark looked like in 1997:

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