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Kung Fury

Since last thursday you can watch the official Kung Fury movie on YouTube.

So what is Kung Fury about? Well, their website says:

Miami Police Department detective and martial artist Kung Fury time travels from the 1980s to World War II to kill Adolf Hitler, a.k.a. “Kung F├╝hrer”, and revenge his friend’s death at the hands of the Nazi leader. An error in the time machine sends him further back to the Viking Age.

Do I still need to convince you of watching this movie right now? I don’t hope so :D .

The short film Kung Fury is an homage and a love letter to the 80’s from the director David Sandberg. In 2013 David Sandberg has released a Kung Fury trailer and started a Kickstarter campaign to gather money for the full movie.

I didn’t expect the movie to become so epic and hilarious, I simply love it!

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