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Results of my very important internet survey

First some backgroud informations about why I’ve published this kind of survey:

There are many pulbic survey tools, but none of them offers the as much features as LimeSurvey. To run surveys on my own, I’ve installed the LimeSurvey application on this server. For more insight of how the user interacts with the surveys I’ve added Piwik tracking for my LimeSurvey installation. To test the setup I’ve added a simple survey and posted the link to the SampleSize subreddit.

Survey Question

What started as a simple system test enraged people all over the world. I didn’t expect anybody to contribute to this survey, nethertheless I had great discussion about crocs and nickelback.

Some awesome quotes from the thread:

One second to read, a lifetime to choose an answer.

by zmonge

It was hard, but in the end, Crocs don’t make me bleed from the ears.

by brown3jh


by monsto

Nickleback, no contest. I’d rather be forced to wear crocs for the rest of my life then listen to Nickelbutt.

by Voxel_Sigma


Now I would like to present the results of this so important survey.

Survey Results2

Obviously most people didn’t bother to finish the survey. I can understand that.

Finally we know that Crocs are worse than Nickelback.

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