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Let’s write a Laravel application - Introduction

I’m going to develop a Laravel application with my friends. The application is called RowBook. It will be a simple tool to log all the trips of the row club Lucerne.

As I’ve never used Laravel or another php framework before, I will share my first time experience here on my blog. Whenever I have to learn about a new technology I’m looking for some basic books and videos. For Laravel I’ve found the perfect beginners eBook, where you’ll learn the most fundamental basics.

Download - Getting Started with Laravel 4

And I also recommend to watch the YouTube videos from phpacademy. They’ll tell you how you can build a simple blog engine from scratch.

Watch - Simple Laravel Blog

In the next post I’ll show you how I’ve setup my first Laravel project. Despite it’s the first time I’m using Laravel you can expect a pretty good project template ;)

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