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Dust and Dirt

Abandoned places have a special attraction to me. There are not many places where you literally can experience the past. Thinking of past times is always difficult, most of the times you’ll end up thinking of black and white pictures you’ve seen somewhere before, would you agree? By visiting abandoned places you always get a small piece of past times. The more often you’ll visit such places the more that picute of the past changes in you head.

With some friends I’ve seen a couple of these dirty und dusty places and made tons of photos. I want to show you my favorites.

A hotel, brick factory, hospital, villa, all forgotten a long time ago, let you live the past for a short glimpse of time.

You can download these picture in full resolution from my flick account (checkout the contact page for a link).

Son! Can you open the windows, we need some fresh air.

Dust and dirt covers them all.

Some old machines.

This was by far the most awesome place I've seen.

This is a brick oven and it looks kinda creepy.

Found this picture in an old villa next to old documents and news magazines.

A weird angle that had to be captured.

Time is eathing the house.

Who is that Banksy guy again?

What a beautiful view.

I threw tons of bricks down these stairs, sounded like the hole house is breaking.

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