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Useful command aliases

December 8, 2014

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This is a list of useful commandline aliases for your Ubuntu installation.



The structure of the command aliases is a mix of the first 3 letters of the programm you’re running and the parameters you’re adding. To set this aliases permanently add them to bash profile scirpt.

vi ~/.bashrc


List current files from your latest backup.

alias duplcf="sudo /usr/local/src/duplicity-backup/duplicity-backup.sh -c /etc/duplicity-backup/duplicity-backup.conf --list-current-files"

Run a backup.

alias dupbak="sudo /usr/local/src/duplicity-backup/duplicity-backup.sh -c /etc/duplicity-backup/duplicity-backup.conf -b"

Get the status of the latest backup.

alias dupsta="sudo /usr/local/src/duplicity-backup/duplicity-backup.sh -c /etc/duplicity-backup/duplicity-backup.conf -s"

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