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USA - Nevada and California

My USA trip has almost come to an end. I had a great time here in California and Nevada. I never expected to meet so many people while travelling alone in the USA.

Not the cities are worth being seen, it are the beautiful national parks, the nature and the landscape of California. If you’ll ever go to America don’t miss these things.

Bodie is a ghost town which gives you a nice insight in the good ol times.

A beach in the mountains? Yes, that's lake Tahoe.

Of all the cities in California San Francisco is by far the nicest.

Walmart run out of tents, so I spend my first night in a hamock.

Travelling from San Francisco to Los Angeles? Take the highway number 1 along the coast!

Venice Beach is a nice place to hang out and meet the weirdest people of Los Angeles.

The hidden valley in the Joshua Tree national park looks more beautiful when the sun sets.

A street artist worth to tip in Las Vegas.

In terms of landscape Death Valley was my favourite national park. So different and beautiful.

Due to there's no light pollution in the national parks you can see the stars very clearly.

This is the last backflip of my holiday. Behind is the gorgeous Zion valley.

This picture was made on my way up to eagls peak in the Yosemite valley. It's a though hike, but the view to the half dome is definitly worth it.

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