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Summer break

This summer I’m going to travel around the world. Based on the idea one month one country, I’ll visit Thailand/Malaysia, Australia and America.

Here on my blog I want to share this experience with you. I’ll show you how I’ve planned this trip, what I’m going to take with me and finally share my most favourite pictures of this journey.

Let’s start with the planning. To keep my notes, documents and thoughts together, I’m using Microsofts OneNote, it’s the perfect tool for this kind of task as it’s very easy to handle and is able store any kind of note.

In addition I save important documents such as vouchers or IDs in my OneDrive online storage, in case my document will be lost or stolen I still can retrieve them online.

In OneNote I’ve made a timeline with the most important events, stops and flights:

Traveling Summer 2014 - Time Table

Based on this table my travel agency booked the flights and events. I was amazed that they could book the flights without an exception according to my table, I didn’t even had to rewrite it once.

I recommend to book the flights half a year before the first flight, otherwise it’s getting more difficult for the travel agency to book the flights you’ve asked for.

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