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Why you shouldn’t disable Adblock

Let’s face it, there are people (count me in) who dislike any kind of advertisement. I really get annoyed of any kind of pop-up flashing attention distractions adverb on sites I’m visiting.

The solution is simple, just download Adblock Plus and you’ll never see them again.

You want to know why I’am writing about this?

In the last few months I came a long many campains that tell us about how bad an Adblocker is. It seems that Adblocker has reached a critical amount of usage. Companies that make profit based on adverbs and never thought that such a simple tool can harm their “success” fear what’s coming next. Imagine every internet user has installed the Adblocker, companies such as Google or Facebook would immediately loosing about 90% of their income.

So why shouldn’t you care about the companies that make their profit with online advertising?

Because the way of online advertising works is way more worse than companies you care about are going bankrupt. The adverb networks profiling your actions and personality and sell those data like oil to companies you trust.

However the online economy can’t work without advertising. But Adblocker users don’t really know that. So here are the options you have as company to get rid of this problem:

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