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Our daily struggles according to info commercials

According to info commercials we life in a dangerous place and it’s almost a wonder that most people know how to get up in the morning.

I’ll present you a collection of the worst first world problems:

I'm on fire so let's jump out of the window

Worst taco ever!

Everybody hates pizza

I've seen things I can't talk about

He definitely needs a thrid arm

How am I supposed to do that?

She spilled acid all over the table, worst mom ever

Stacking? Or put everything on one plate? Stacking!

We need an exorcist, right now!

Well, that can happen

No! I won't move the plate closer to the pan

I took an arrow to the knee

Take that ***ch

How to crack an egg, not.

Tupperware and crocks, they're everywhere

First soap your hands, then grap the soap dispenser

I hate working!

All the time I did it wrong

To the maximum and beyond

He must be very hungry

Cut a leaf of bread after I've used a power drill to brush my teeth

Have a nice weekend!

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