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Install SharePoint 2013 Three-tier Farm - Configuring User Profiles

This post of is part of my Install SharePoint 2013 Three-tier Farm project.

Filter settings

By default SharePoint won’t user profiles of disabled accounts. To change that update the connection filter on the User Profile Sync service.

User Profile sync connection filter

As you can see I’ve added a rule for the userAccountControl. Only activated user accounts get a MySite profile.

Enable page lock

This is another SQL database best practice to enable page locks on the User Profile Sync database indexes.

First run this SQL statement:

SELECT 'ALTER INDEX ' + I.Name + ' ON ' + T.Name + ' SET (ALLOW_PAGE_LOCKS = ON)' As Command
FROM sys.indexes I
LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.tables T ON I.object_id = t.object_id
WHERE I.allow_page_locks = 0 AND T.name IS NOT NULL

This statement will output the alter statement foreach index. Run this output as well.

ALTER INDEX IX_RequestOutput_ObjectKey ON RequestOutput SET (ALLOW_PAGE_LOCKS = ON)
ALTER INDEX IX_RequestOutput_RequestIdentifier_ObjectID_AttributeKey_ValueReference ON RequestOutput SET (ALLOW_PAGE_LOCKS = ON)

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