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Install automysqlbackup

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AutoMySQLBackup with a basic configuration will create Daily, Weekly and Monthly backups of one or more of your MySQL databases from one or more of your MySQL servers.



First create the backup folder.

sudo mkdir /var/backups/mysql

Install the latest version of automysqlbackup from the official website.

sudo mkdir /usr/local/src/automysqlbackup
cd /usr/local/src/automysqlbackup
sudo wget http://switch.dl.sourceforge.net/project/automysqlbackup/AutoMySQLBackup/AutoMySQLBackup%20VER%203.0/automysqlbackup-v3.0_rc6.tar.gz
sudo tar xvzf automysqlbackup-v3.0_rc6.tar.gz
sudo ./install.sh

Answer the install wizard as showed below.

global configuration diectory: default
directory for the executable: default

Add read permissios for all in the config folder.

cd /etc/automysqlbackup
sudo chmod a+r ./*

Update the automysqlbackup config file.

sudo vi /etc/automysqlbackup/automysqlbackup.conf

Set credentials and update the backup path.

# Username to access the MySQL server e.g. dbuser

# Password to access the MySQL server e.g. password

# Backup directory location e.g /backups

Unlock the latest backup in order to make backups for third party programs available

# Store an additional copy of the latest backup to a standard
# location so it can be downloaded by third party scripts.

Let’s schedule the backup job by adding a daily cron script.

sudo vi /etc/cron.daily/automysqlbackup

With the following content.


/usr/local/bin/automysqlbackup /etc/automysqlbackup/automysqlbackup.conf

chown root.root /var/backup/mysql* -R
sudo chmod -R a-x+X /var/backup/mysql

Enable execution of the script for the owner.

sudo chmod o+x /etc/cron.daily/automysqlbackup

You can run the backup script manually.

cd /etc/cron.daily
sudo ./automysqlbackup

Checkout the backup folder.

cd /var//backup/mysql


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