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Project: Setup Windows 7 Kiosk

October 4, 2013

The goal of this project is a simple Windows 7 Kiosk installation with nothing else as the newest version of internet explorer installed. A user should not be allowed to do something than can malfunction the system or even elevating the user privileges. I want to show you in this post which GroupPolicies I’ve used and what configurations I made to set up this type of installation.

First I want to commit my principles for working with ActiveDirectory and Group Policies:

  • If not needed a GroupPolicy shouldn't contain any registry keys.
    • Group Policies instructions are much easier to read.
  • Only AMDX templates are allowed, this means no AMD templates or anything else.
    • AMDX won't in contrast to AMD templates becopied to the client, they stay in the SYSVOL Policy Definition folder on the domain controller.
  • The Group Policy objects should be reusable.
  • Configuring the minimum.


The logged in user can…

  • visit websites
  • printing a document
  • searching the internet
  • and lock the computer, this was not supposed to be enabled, but I couldn't find a way yet to disable this feature.

Windows 7 Kiosk - Setup


The setup of the windows workstation is very simple:

  • Windows 7 Profession
  • Internet Explorer 10

The Group Policy Management Console is equipped with newest Windows 7 AMDX templates.

Group Policies

The following section shows the policies I’ve used to restrict the access to the computer and it’s programs.

Windows 7

Desktop background

Add a desktop wallpaper.

Windows - Desktopbackground

Windows - Taskbar Result

Remove Desktop Icons

Remove the default desktop icons.

Windows - Remove Desktop Icons

Remove System Buttons

Remove the start system buttons and the options showed after click Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

Windows - Remove System Buttons

Restricted Start Menu

Remove  the all items in the windows start menu.

Windows - Restricted Start Menu

Windows - Start Menu Result

Restricted Taskbar

Denie any possiblity to customize the windows taskbar.

Windows - Restricted Taskbar

SharePoint Icon

Adds a simple icon to the desktop.

Windows - SharePoint Icon

Windows - Icon Result

Internet Explorer

Delete Cache

Delete the browser cache on exit.

Internet Explorer - Delete Cache

Disable Save Passwords

Internet explorer is not allowed to prompt for saving password information.

Internet Explorer - Disable Save Passwords

Hide Menus

Hide internet explorer menus.

Internet Explorer - Hide Menus

Internet Explorer - Result

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