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ExchangeOnline Region Presettings

This post is part of my Office365 experience. Today I’ve made a script to get startet with the ExchangeOnline PowerShell console.

Every time a user logged in for the first time into the Office365 Outlook webapp, he had to set his regional configuration.

![Outlook Regional Settings](/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Outlook-Regional-Settings.png)

Despite it’s not a lot of effort to change that, the timezone settings can be very confusing.

Running this script on random windows machine will open a ExchangeOnline PowerShell remote session and import them in your local session.

After the import it’s the local session pretends to be live on the ExchangeOnline¬†server, your able to run every PowerShell Exchange CMDlet. Yeapeeee :)


    # settings

    $Language = "de-CH"
    $TimeZone = "W. Europe Standard Time"
    $DateFormat = "dd.MM.yyyy"

    # main

    Import-Module ActiveDirectory

    $Credential = Import-PSCredential $(Get-ChildItem -Path $PSconfigs.Path -Filter "Office365.credentials.config.xml" -Recurse).FullName

    $s = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange `
    -ConnectionUri https://ps.outlook.com/powershell `
    -Credential $(Get-Credential -Credential $Credential) `
    -Authentication Basic `
    Import-PSSession $s

    $ADUsers = Get-ADUser -Filter {Mail -like "*"} -Properties sn, telephoneNumber, title
    $Mailboxes = $(Get-Mailbox)

    foreach($Mailbox in $Mailboxes){

        Write-Progress -Activity "Update settings" -status $($Mailbox.Name) -percentComplete ([Int32](([Array]::IndexOf($Mailboxes, $Mailbox)/($Mailboxes.count))*100))

        Write-Host "Set mailbox language settings for $($Mailbox.Name)"

        Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration $Mailbox.Alias -Language $Language -TimeZone $TimeZone -LocalizeDefaultFolderName -DateFormat $DateFormat

        Write-Host "Set signature for $($Mailbox.Name)"

        $ADUser = $ADUsers | where{$_.UserPrincipalName -eq $Mailbox.UserPrincipalName} | select -First 1

        # get phone number
        if($ADuser.telephoneNumber -eq $null){
            $telephoneNumber = "+41 41 369 65 65"
            $telephoneNumber = $ADuser.telephoneNumber

        $Html = get-Content -Path $(Get-ChildItem -Path $PStemplates.Path -Filter "vbl signature.html" -Recurse).FullName
        $Text = get-Content -Path $(Get-ChildItem -Path $PStemplates.Path -Filter "vbl signature.txt" -Recurse).FullName

        $Html = $Html -replace "%%Firstname%%",$ADUser.givenname `
            -replace "%%Lastname%%",$Aduser.sn `
            -replace "%%Title%%",$Aduser.title `
            -replace "%%PhoneNumber%%",$telephoneNumber `
            -replace "%%FaxNumber%%","041 369 65 00"

        $Text = $Text -replace "%%Firstname%%",$ADUser.givenname `
            -replace "%%Lastname%%",$Aduser.sn `
            -replace "%%Title%%",$Aduser.title `
            -replace "%%PhoneNumber%%",$telephoneNumber `
            -replace "%%FaxNumber%%","041 369 65 00"

        Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration -Identity $Mailbox.Alias -SignatureHtml $HTML -AutoAddSignature $true -SignatureText $TEXT


    # delete pssession
    Remove-PSSession $s


    Send-PPErrorReport -FileName "DirSync.mail.config.xml" -ScriptName $MyInvocation.InvocationName



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